Richmond, VA Music and Memories
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Rockit69 is devoted to the memories and music of the "Old School" greater Richmond, VA area. If you grew up in and around RVA, and graduated high school prior to 1970 this is "Your Site". Bill's BBQ, the Tobacco Parade, the "Light at West Point", Parker Field, Tantilla etc. If you remember any of those - you should enjoy what this site is all about. Thanks for visiting.

IMPORTANT NOTE! If you are viewing the site on a "Device" be sure to schroll to the bottom of each page. Some devices display large gaps between paragraphs and images making one believe they've reached the bottom of the page prematurely. I'm talking about the website! OK!    

Click on the "Listen Live!" button, next to Elvis, to hear 'my radio station' - if I'm on "The Air". Sometimes, I run short on string, tin cans, and those little hampsters need a rest, every now and then and I'm off the air. After you click on the "Listen Live!" button simply minimize the screen that pops up, and continue viewing the site. 

WARNING : The site contains  SOME ADULT MUSIC, and some of the songs may contain lyrics not suitable for young children, or even "Some Adults". This will NEVER BE your office radio station.

I NOW HAVE AN APP AVAILABLE AT BOTH THE GOOGLE  and  APPLE STORES. IT'S FREE!  I hope you will load em up and enjoy the music.

REMEMEBER! You’re listening to “Old Time Radio” and you may hear an occasional; surface noise, audio drop, or WTH was that moment. It’s ALL good. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. I hope you will make the site a regular stop, and contribute your, "Two Cents Worth" as well.

“You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous world of music and memories whose boundaries are that of imagination. There’s a signpost up ahead – your next stop” … The Buddy Zone!

Music ranges from Abba to Zappa, but NO rappers. I don’t believe the “ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE” has taking over... yet… and people can still think for themselves, and they enjoy more than just ONE FORM/ERA OF MUSIC. Besides, I’d get bored playing one type of music. What the hell fun is that? Don't judge the format by the first track or two, because no one knows what's coming next.
Don't be surprised if you hear a "LONG TRACK" i.e. over ten minutes. Sometimes, I'll play a solid hour of: Blues, The Doors, R&B, The Stones etc. I play: Doo Wop, Early Rock, Folk, Blues, R&B, Psychedelic, British Invasion, Girl Groups, Soul, Country, 80's, Pop, Rock and more. 
 has been completely updated and improved. It is now 25% larger, environmentally friendly, 100% organic, opioid free, safe from all harmful chemicals, approved by the FDA, AARP, CAP, MADD, NRA, YMCA, OPEC, NAFTA, EPA, FDA, WHO, WTO, UNICEF, AAA, NHRA, DOT, FOP, FAA, FFA, OSHA, CSA, USA, ASPCA, NCAA, NHRA, U.S. Olympic Committee, BSA, GSA, FTA, AEC, NEC and USCC. Hope you enjoy it, and if you do, you will let some of your buds know about it. Thanks.

Can you name the movie the above photo is from? Clue. There were a series of them. Did that make it too easy?

Yeah. That place! Most of us hit Buckroe Beach at some point of our growing up days.
Where Rock and Roll All Began

The Bryan Park over pass to I-95. Circa 1957
Richmond, VA Music and Memories